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In other articles, we have discussed the different roulette strategies: Martingale, James Bond, Fibonacci, or Paroli. In this article, we will focus and analyze the differences between European roulette vs. American roulette.

Roulette types

Before delving into the rules and tricks to beat roulette, it is necessary to know the characteristics of each type of roulette. There are two basic types of roulette: European and American.

  • European- The origin of the European roulette is unknown. The first information dates from the 17th century in France. However, some research considers that it was in Italy where this game was invented.
  • American- American roulette is a very similar version to the European one. In American casinos, they decided to make a few modifications and create their own roulette with a more personal style.
  • French – It is a very similar version to European roulette. It differs above all in the composition of the table.

Double 0

The double 0 is, without a doubt, what makes the difference between the two types of roulette. How important is the number of more? Yes, playing with a double 0 gives the house a superior advantage over the player. The advantage in European roulette is not very high, and it is 1/37 = 2.7%. However, in American roulette, this advantage over the player is much higher, being 2/38 = 5.26%. What does it mean? Whenever you can, it is obvious to play American roulette, since the probability of losing is higher than if you play European roulette.

Prison rule

The Prison Rule in European roulette also allows the player to have a certain advantage. We will explain it with an example so that it is better understood. The players have a bet, and the ball falls into the 0 square. The players will lose the multiple bets they have made; however, the same does not happen with the single bets. These simple bets are blocked, or are the same, are held in prison. In the event that in the next round the ball lands on one of these simple bets, the money is released or recovered. That is, the player will not lose the money from the bet, but neither will he win anything. In some European casinos, instead of recovering the entire bet, only half is recovered. And in the case of American casinos, the entire bet is lost directly.

Five Number Bet

American roulette also has its own rule, and it is none other than the Five First Bet ( Five Number Bet ). The numbers referred to in this rule are 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. In the event that the ball falls into one of said numbers, the player wins 5 to 1.

Game table

The American game table has smaller dimensions than the European one. The mat and roulette are smaller, and there is usually only one dealer. On the other hand, in the European one, up to four dealers are allowed, although the normal is two. In American roulette, players can place their chips on the mat without the help of the dealer. The dealer is in charge of marking the winning number with a Dolly. On the other hand, in the European, it is forbidden for players to place the chips, the dealer will always be in charge and collect the chips with a rake.

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